Kitchen Cupboard
Kitchen Cupboard Customer Thank You!

It has been an incredible adventure and privilege
being the owner, keeper really, of the Gilman Village
institution that is Kitchen Cupboard.

It was always my intention to maintain Kitchen
Cupboard in a way that would honor the vision of
Vivian when she started it. I have enjoyed every
minute of maintaining that legacy.

Our incredible customers supported us through the
Great Recession and helped us thrive to the present
day. I’ve been privileged to learn so much from our
regulars here, and those regulars come from
everywhere! It’s not many small-town, independent
stores that can boast of regular customers from places
as far abroad as Germany, New Zealand, and
beyond. But Kitchen Cupboard was always
something special. It was more than just a store, it
was a community, and I am so grateful to have been
the steward of that community.

It is impossible to say goodbye to all of you
personally, in part because there were so many people
that made Kitchen Cupboard the rare small business
success story that it was, but it’s been a pleasure to
become friends with so many of you.

Thank you to all those special customers for
enriching my life, and for supporting the small point
of connection between people that Kitchen Cupboard
has been for decades. You are all in my heart, and
always will be.

-Rhonda Cross